Green tea has so much health benefits but what if it gets diffused with the rose petals ? It gives your green tea a fantastic taste. It which makes you feel fresh. You'd feel a mesmerizing freshness with every sip. The essence of green tea infused with richness and aroma of soft and soothing rose petals is enough to give your day an exotic start. Drinking rose green tea gives you loads of Vitamin C. In addition, it helps you maintain hair and lovely skin. TeaAndIndia offers a range of different flavours to ensure that you get the tea as per your taste. 

Includes: Green tea, Flavouring Substance, Rose petals


Green tea:

1. High in Antioxidant

2. May Promote Heart Health

3. Its Components May Be Good for the Brain

4. Might Benefit Liver Function

5. Good for the Skin


Rose petals

1. Aids in weight loss

2. Releive stress and depression

3.  Acts as a natural aphrodisiac

4. Treats acne naturally

Rose green tea

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